• Tax-Exempt Private Activity Bonds:
    1. Solid Waste Disposal Bonds
      Industrial Revenue Development Bonds
      503(c)(3) Bonds
  • Taxable Private Activity Bonds


  • Sourced from relationships with national, regional, specialty banking, and commercial finance institutions.


  • For multi-family (5+ units) and commercial real estate energy efficiency retrofits
    1. C-PACE is authorized in 35 states and active in 19 states.


  • Energy/expense savings realized from the installed equipment creates immediate cash flow and long-term ownership at end of lease.
    1. Capital lease with on-balance sheet treatment and $1 buy out at end of term.
      Operating lease for off-balance sheet treatment and early buyout of FMV buyout.


  • Energy/expense savings from waste recovery used to repay the financing for equipment and on-going operations.
    1. Off balance sheet credit solution for economically viable projects with credit-worthy counterparties.


CSC provides advisory services to raise project and operating capital in an investment banking capacity. CSC’s professionals are registered securities representatives with appropriate securities licenses in both the corporate and municipal finance capital markets.


  • USDA Loans – Rural Energy for America (“REAP”), as well as Business and Industry (“B&I”) programs
  • Construction Loans – Short-term funds for pre-cash flow, project development
  • Mini-Perm Loans – Medium-term funds with short-term repayment (5-7 years) and long-term (15+ year) amortization for fixed assets
  • Term Loans – Long-term funds with long-term repayment (15+ years) and amortization (15+ years) for fixed assets
  • Mezzanine Debt – Secured, high-yield debt for companies with EBITDA and proven track records and markets needing expansion capital.


  • Preferred Equity – Provided at the project level
  • Common Equity – Provided at the operating company level


  • Capital Lease – On-balance sheet financing for equipment
  • Operating Lease – Off-balance sheet financing for equipment on short-term basis
  • Fair Market Value (“FMV”) Lease – Provides lessee with option to return equipment, buy equipment at FMV, or renew lease at end of the lease term
  • Early Buy-Out Lease – Provides lessee with an option to buy the equipment for a fixed amount at a certain point in time

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